We nest on ideas and turn it into a business or on an existing business to improve on it. Therefore, we carry out an environmental analysis to find out the challenges affecting businesses as well as problems that required solution. The analysis enables us to come up with business ideas that will proffer solutions to community and environment at large.

We identify business ideas suitable to our members passion and interest, train such member in line of his business interest and passion, then issue a certificate to him/her on the business he/she is trained. We mentor our certified member for a period of six months.

Furthermore, we assist our members to process Loans through our bankers as well as Grants where such member qualifies for it.

We also provide mentoring services to our members. This will assist them to be established and to avoid pitfalls in business. The mentoring is done by professionals in the choice areas of business. We provide professional advisory services to our certified members.


This is dedicated to teach people how to engage in smart agro and cluster faming. It supports doing agro business smartly. We negotiate with communities to release their land for farm estate and allocate it to willing member on lease. The community benefits from the developments that comes from the cluster and estate. We solicit for equipment and seedlings, fingerlings etc. to support the farmers.



The Incubators mimic the conditions and experiences of a brooding hen for fertilized eggs, including appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels. At the incubators, we identify brilliant ideas, work on them and develop them into full products/services and franchise them to any of our partners. A joint venture/ memorandum of understanding would be entered into with the various parties under acceptable terms and conditions.

In Nigeria of today, hardly do we see young people learning a trade or skill as in the 70’s and 80’s. In the past, children are faced with either going to school or learning a trade/skill according to the family income.

Young men today engage in Okada riding, football betting and viewing centres, etc as a means of livelihood. On the other hand, young girls engaged in baby factory, serving in beer parlours, human trafficking, etc. They are all in a hurry to make money but not ready to stoop-down to learn.

Following the departure from the norms and the traditional ways of creating jobs and non-availability of jobs for graduates produced by the tertiary institutions, we consider it timely and necessary to introduce the Incubators. The Incubators is a platform where ideas becomes business reality and existing skilled persons will be proud owners of businesses.

The incubators will be people from age 18 to 65 years that have a dream, passion to succeed and teachable mind-set. The level of education is not a barrier as the programme is organized in clusters and age groups, it is not an employment rather a training programme based on individual dreams and desires. It is not just to be trained rather after being trained, you will work with us to earn money then graduate to own the business. It is going to be hands-on-training. For instance those who are interested in farming and animal husbandry will be given Land on Lease to start their business.

The power of a seed is not in its size but in the quality of its product. At the incubators, every little seed is multiplied, reinvented and transformed.

It’s never too late for new challenges in Life Start today to build together with us on a new future at the incubators.