1. Identify business idea or key in to one of ideas.
  2. Register the business or we help you register the business name.
  3. Develop a business plan or buy an already developed business plan from CEEPS. Note that the business plan must be professionally prepared.
  4. After the training we issue a certificate. Then you are qualified for CEEPS Grant or Loan.
  5. If your business requires mentoring we will assign you to a mentor.
  6. We will release the money/goods/equipment based on need basis.
  7. If it is a grant you will be supervised for six months, then you are on your own.
  8. If it is a loan, you will start repayment one month after the business took off
  9. You will an MOU with CEEPS on the terms and conditions. You are on your way to own your business.
  10. After repaying the loan, this business becomes your own.
  11. For each business established through CEEPS must belong to CEEPS Cooperative