CEEPSI’s activities revolve around:

  • Developing Business models and Entrepreneurial skills that brings Community development in Africa.
  • Building the networks and developing the framework for enhancing the Entrepreneurs and the Communities across Africa
  • Identifying impact investing opportunities.
  • Research work aimed at developing an enabling environment for African entrepreneurs

The Initiative uses grants and donations to support entrepreneurs in Africa and enhancing developments of African communities. CEEPSI uses the following activities implementation to achieve her goals


  • CEEPS Incubators Project: The training, equipping of 1000 Entrepreneurs each year. The project is targeted at students at the tertiary institution, the unemployed and the general public with business ideas that help communities to develop.
  • CEEPSI Smartagro Initiative: we partner with communities to develop a farm estate. It also involves cluster farming.
  • CEEPSI school entrepreneur challenge:
  • CEEPSI Research centre
  • CEEPSI capacity development for the woman/the girl child
  • Fruitful Family Living